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                About us

                  Winners ceramic is a professional production, sales of inkjet rustic tiles company, headquarters is located in Foshan City high-end brands gathering – Foshan city international ceramics sanitary ware. Winners establish the brand at the same time, pay more attention to hige-end product development, brand development” As Changeable As Clouds And Rain”,”Pastoral Scenery .....>>Detailed


                W9028-600*600 W9029-600*600 W801-300*300 W802-300*300 W813-300*300 W817-300*300 WJ8072-800*800 WJ8301-800*800 WJ8302-800*800


                W305+W308 W501+W502 W816 W811 W325 W806 W321 case4 case3 case2 case1

                New products


                  Service commitment
                  1, the construction record management, scheduling and delivery process priority throughout the production process tracking, enthusiasm to do the pre-sales services.
                  2, according to the customer needs a trial version, trial version of the process is to maintain communication with our customers to ensure that the trial version and Delivery uniform color.
                  Paving effect Figure 3, free design to help customers accounted for the best use of the number, to reduce the use of process waste.
                  4, according to the special requirements of customers, provide customers special sizes and supporting products, processing, and guidance supporting the use of
                  5, if necessary, engineering and pre-construction and construction Paving guidance and product characteristics guidelines may send technical personnel to the scene.

                Contact us

                  Winners ceramic
                  Address: West Jihua Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Eastern Block C, 05
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